What is ECKANKAR ?

Discover Yourself as Soul

You are Soul, an eternal and unlimited spiritual being.
Your human life provides the raw material Soul needs to awaken to Its true nature and to create a life filled with joy and discovery—a life of spiritual freedom.

Find Spiritual Freedom Here and Now

Eckankar is an active and individual spiritual practice, a tool kit for your unique spiritual journey.
It can help you discover the most sacred part of yourself and to bring it into full bloom in your daily life.
Learn how to find relief from the stress and uncertainty of modern life by stepping into the boundless freedom of Soul, your True Self.
Find the blessings and lessons hidden within everyday challenges—and watch as Divine Love transforms and uplifts your experience of work, family, and leisure.

Go Beyond Meditation with the Spiritual Exercises of ECK

Eckankar teaches simple but powerful spiritual exercises that anyone can use to bring greater love and wisdom into their lives.
Many people are familiar with the benefits of meditation for physical and mental wellbeing. People who practice the Spiritual Exercises of ECK report additional benefits:

  • Inner Guidance: The exercises can unlock the meaning of your dreams, enhance your intuition, and help you find creative solutions for any problem.

  • Soul Adventures: The exercises may enable you to Soul Travel—to expand your awareness beyond your physical body to explore your inner worlds—and also to uncover important spiritual lessons from your past lives.

  • Spiritual Awakening: Gently, the exercises will open you to experience the Light and Sound of God, the force that creates and sustains all life. Direct experience of this Life force brings healing and purification, helping Soul to awaken a love for all Life.

HU: Sacred Sound, Ancient Mantra

An example of a spiritual exercise is to sing the word HU. This simple technique can be used as a part of anyone’s daily spiritual practice, to uplift, heal and bring inner peace.
HU is an ancient name for God that has been used as a mantra or prayer in many traditions throughout history.
HU resonates with the deepest part of your being. Singing HU—aloud or inwardly—helps you to recognize the presence of the Divine in your life. This opens the Heart to love and inner guidance, bringing alignment with your true purpose and highest good.
Experience for yourself how HU can help you by attending a free, online Sound of Soul event.

Press 'play' ▶ below to hear an audio recording of people singing HU.

Spiritual Guide

Eckankar has a living, God-realized spiritual teacher who helps spiritual seekers to reach their full potential. Given respect but not worship, the Living ECK Master teaches students outwardly through his talks, books, and an advanced spiritual study program. He also teaches students inwardly, through their dreams and contemplations. The present Living ECK Master is Sri Harold Klemp, an American, who has written over 100 books.

Advanced Spiritual Study

Eckankar’s Advanced Spiritual Living Courses are an adventure in self-discovery. Each monthly lesson includes an advanced spiritual technique for private practice. Together, the lessons and the techniques help to unlock the Divine wisdom within a person, bringing enlightenment in a gentle way.
Membership in Eckankar is annually renewable, and the individual has complete freedom whether to continue or not. There is no need to make any dramatic changes in lifestyle. Instead, change happens naturally, from the inside out, as the student begins to recognize the spiritual lessons contained in their daily experiences.
ECK members have the opportunity to explore these courses in small-group discussion classes if they wish.
Questions? Please contact us.

"You have to put your love and heart in any approach to God. As a spiritual being, you owe it to yourself to give this life one good whirl, to put everything into it, and to make it worth living."

—Sri Harold Klemp, The Golden Heart, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 4, p. 122

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